Szász Restaurant (Szekszárd) in Szekszárd

Szász Restaurant (Szekszárd) - hungarian, international food

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Szász Restaurant (Szekszárd)

7100 Szekszárd, Garay tér 18.

Szász Restaurant (Szekszárd)
Garay tér 18. , 7100 Szekszárd

The Restaurant-pub Szász awaits its guests with Hungarian & international dishes, wines of the famous Szekszárd wine cellars, excellent beers & cocktails.

The history of the restaurant:
Strengthening the bond between the brother counties, Tolna county opened the Szász (Saxon) Pub as a cellar-style restaurant and pub in 1976, whereas, the Hungarian Wine Tavern serving Hungarian dishes and wines was opened in the Karl-Marx Stadt in Germany the same year.
The uniqueness of the place in Szekszárd lies not only in its name but in the then famous East German draught and bottled beer that was served.
This was the only place in the countryside where one could taste the famous bottled Wernesgrüner and the draught Radeberger. Typical German dishes, for example a few varieties of “pig’s trotters” were on the menu and hot savoury scones known as “pogácsa” were put on the table.
The Szekszárd “Áfész” (a typical state-owned chain store group operating before 1989) proved to be a good owner, supplying the restaurant a wide range of customers and a good name from one generation to the other.

After the change of regimes in 1989, the pub had several proprietors dealing in several businesses, such as casino, pool hall, blues pub, etc. All these left their distinctive mark on the beautiful brick walls forever.

Then, owing thanks to privatization, our enterprise managed to purchase the business unit in 1996, thus making it our first property. The experience and expertise gained until then encouraged us to give the restaurant back to the town of Szekszárd in its original form as the Szász Pub, not only in name but in atmosphere and service as well.

Therefore, the fully modernised Szász Pub Restaurant opened its doors to the general public in 1997, meeting all requirements of the time. Since then, the place has been refurbished, extended and the business being in Szekszárd, it was partly turned into a winery as well, but whatever the circumstances, the “SZÁSZ” has remained the true “SZÁSZ”. To prove this, let us quote one of our regualr customers: „My dears, I spent my youth in the Szász, I turned old in the Szász and though everything has changed, the Szász will always be the same Szász for me.”

Our restaurant is the perfect venue for business lunches, family events and romantic dinners.
In our separate room, small company presentations, family lunches and dinners can be held during weekdays and at weekends, too.
We manage events at external locations too: wedding receptions, banquets, partner-parties and other receptions, up to 1000 people.

The restaurant is air-conditioned.
Child seats and cutlery are available.

Capacity: big dinig room: 60 people, smoking available.
Wine hall: 22 people, non-smoking.
Special room: 16 people, non-smoking.
Terrace (between May and September): 40 people.

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food: 4 service: 4 ambience: 3
Gyors kiszolgálás, nagyon ízletes húsleves, csupán a felszeletelt füstölt csülök volt száraz!
Lászlóné Bérdi - Sunday 13/09/2020

"Tokeletes hely"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Azt hiszem az etterem a legjobb valasztas volt az elso Randihoz, tokeletes kiszolgalas es Jo hangulat. Koszonom
Nagy Zoltan - Monday 06/07/2020


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Kifogástalan kiszolgálás, az új ételválaszték - több zöldségféle - kis társaságunk valamennyi tagjának elnyerte tetszését.
Steindl Károlyné - Friday 26/08/2016


food: 4 service: 5 ambience: 4
Kellemes este volt!
Lipovszky József - Saturday 24/10/2015

"Finom falatok"

food: 5 service: 4 ambience: 4
Nagyon különleges volt mind az A és a B menü, nem is tudtunk választani, így egyikünk ezt a másikunk azt ette és megkóstoltunk mindent. Kiemelkedően finom volt a paprikakrém leves és a sertés szűz. A desszertnél a bodza fagyi vitte el a pálmát, a mákos piskóta kicsit száraz volt. Nemcsak jó ízű volt az étel és fantáziadús, de még jól is laktunk!
Judit - Tuesday 20/10/2015


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Nagyon finomak voltak a felszolgált ételek, Tökéletes kiszolgálással.
Fojdl Sándor - Monday 19/10/2015