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Up & Down restaurant

1056 Budapest, Fővám tér 1.

Up & Down restaurant
Fővám tér 1. , 1056 Budapest

In the centre of Budapest, next to the Great Market Hall, with its unique panoramic view & Hungarian-Asian cuisine, restaurant Up & Down awaits its guests.

Up&Down is both edgy and elegant, a real fusion restaurant, combining Hungarian, French and Asian cuisine, fine dining and bistro, a layed-back atmosphere with professional service. The cuisine is adventurous and cutting edge, not afraid to use novel methods or molecular gastronomy. Budapest’s latest meeting point welcomes its guests, with a unique design and an ever changing, exciting menu, based at the foot of the Szabadság Bridge on Fővám Square, with a spectacular view to the Gellért Hill. Using the finest, freshest ingredients, the chefs produce imaginative, at times daring culinary masterpieces.

János Komonyi has a 12 year history in catering, being 26, he acquired far-reaching expertise, there was a long road leading up to being a head chef in Up&Down. One of his mentors for the past 8 years, was Dániel Varga, to whom he ows the mastery of countless techniques, solid knowledge of raw ingredients and the love of all things Asian. He mentions Gábor Mogyorósi, executive chef of Laci Konyha as an equally influential mentor, their work relationship of 2 years brought unmeasurable amount of handy professional experience. This is where János met his current sous-chef, Gábor Szabó, with whom they form a harmonious team at Up&Down. Following Laci Konyha, he worked with Lajos Takács and Csaba Palotai in the kitchen of Laci Pecsenye!, and is now head chef of Up&Down.
„Every ingredient has its own flavour and texture, this is what we would like to focus on, rather than suppressing it with marinades or sauces. Let them keep their flavour as intended from Creation, and let the components fuse into a balanced unity on the plate. I like to play with textures and flavours. I like Hungarian cuisine, I am very fond of Aisan cuisine, and these I blend with the basics, French cuisine.” – says János Komonyi executive chef about his kitchen philosophy.

The restaurants decor reflects, the upper middle class elegance characteristic of Budapest, it has a subtly provocative interior. The walls bear the remnants of elaborate stuccoes, and, „leak” stains, the crystal chandeliers are complemented with light bulbs, hanging on wires and sockets, faded patterns on the floor, eroded tiles on the side walls, and the scribbles and graffities of all sorts of unauthorized intruders... They all are man made visual elements, part of the carefully crafted display, forming a firm contrast with the modern furniture. The faded patterns and their placement, were exquisitely designed for all surfaces by interior designer, Péter Veres, they were implemented in ways most suitable for the given surface. On stone, he used milling, tracery on wall panels, acid milling on glass surfaces, and layers of lace on the countertops reminiscent of the banks of the river Danube. The lighting resembles the shifting of eras: the crystal chandeliers evoking the splendour of past periods alongside the „Russian chandelier’s” numerous light bulbs, displaying the nonchalance of the following epoch.
To further the contrast, hanging on the walls are over exposed Helmut Newton photos, with a sixties feel to them, they are fitted in classic frames, which with their lack of colour and almost bizarre themes, complement the colourful background lighting.
The ground floor also is a memento to the past, to its’ industrialism, with its fuming, soot breathing machines, its steaming pipes and electric switches ‚smelling of ampere’. The bar counter is made of wavy metal shutters, previously used to protect shop windows, the office door has been demounted from an actual prison cell. In the rear corner a compressor made from a motorbike block, and the door of a cargo lift concludes the visual impressions.

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"Finally we didn’t eat at the restaurant "

food: 1 service: 0 ambience: 1
Due to the Valentine’s Day it was a unique menu. We didn’t like the menu so we left. It was pretty bad because at the beginning the food card seems to be really good but this unique menu was not a good idea. We don’t really like Valentine’s Day so for us it was pretty sad to leave the restaurant because of that. You should tell before the reservation that this day it will be a special menu.
Oliver - Saturday 15/02/2020

"Kellemes vacsora"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Nagyon kellemes hangulatú a az étterem. A felszolgàlok szuperek az étel isteni
Anikó - Saturday 20/04/2019


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Excellent place
Gabor - Monday 01/04/2019

"Fancy, de minek?"

food: 3 service: 3 ambience: 3
Menüt választottunk az Étterem hét alkalmából. Nem kaptunk welcome drinket, pedig a menü mellé volt írva. Sokáig ott ültünk, anélkül, hogy megkérdezték volna, hogy mit kérünk inni. Az előétel, mangalica pástétom, mintha egy löncshús lett volna.Ár-érték arány az nincs. Túl drága az étterem, de a minőségben ez nem jelenik meg.
Enikő - Friday 29/03/2019

"Vidékről is megérte az utazást!"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Minden tökéletes volt. Több éttermet is kipróbáltunk, de az ételek itt voltak a legízletesebbek és a tálalás is a legszebb. Külön köszönjük az apró figyelmességeket, úgymint: üdvözlő ital, míg vártunk az ételre - noha nem kellett sokat várnunk - finom falatkák, végül útravalóul a nárcisz-sárga makaron! A kiszolgálás több volt, mint udvarias...éreztem, hogy a legjobbat akarják adni, akik itt dolgoznak.
dr. Szimicsku Edit - Tuesday 26/03/2019

"Különleges helyszín"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 4
Kedves kiszolgálás,finom ételek . A végén a kis édesség is nagyon finom volt . Az ablak mellett kicsit meleg volt az kicsit rontott a hangulaton :(
Pozsonyi Erika - Tuesday 26/03/2019