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Restaurant Costes Izakaya

1051 Budapest, Október 6. u. 8.

Costes Izakaya
Október 6. u. 8. , 1051 Budapest

Costes Izakaya has been renewed! We combine the most successful innovations of contemporary fusion cuisine with Asian-inspired recipes, outstanding quality domestic and international ingredients, and an exciting mix of flavors. The name Costes obliges, so we always have a reimagined dish for you that can only be found at Izakaya, whether it's a quick lunch, an unusual cocktail or an exclusive dinner.

Our food selection was inspired by the refined, unique flavors of Far Eastern cuisine. If your daily routine differs from the usual midday lunch, then we have good news for you: from Tuesday to Saturday, we are waiting for you in an extended time slot, from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can order our menu for dining in, takeaway, or even home delivery.

If you would like to break free from the rush of everyday life with the help of a real curiosity, try one of our prides, the tonkatsu deep-fried meat sandwich made from mangalica, based on an original Japanese recipe! Or if a hearty soup is all you need, we recommend you to try our chef's other favorite dish, the very filling pho variations made with beef and traditional Asian spices.

Do you like to discover new dishes together with friends, acquaintances and loved ones? Then share the flavors of Izakaya with each other! Following the principle of the popular "sharing plate" philosophy, you are able to nibble on a wide selection of unique Far Eastern dishes and familiar flavors as well. If you are looking for a more substantial meal, we guarantee that you won't be hungry after trying our beef tenderloin steak made with chili teriyaki sauce. And if you're brave enough, you can try our squid flavored with 12 unique spices, or our crab made with traditional Japanese tempura batter.

We haven't forgotten about our vegetarian guests either: they can discover a new, unforgettable world of flavors as well with our Saigon spring rolls and potato salad made according to our own recipe. We haven't forgotten about the dessert lovers either. We are waiting for them with some vanilla custard made with coconut, based on a unique recipe or a big cup of hot chocolate spiked with ginger.

When the evening comes, with the help of music and a special atmosphere we evoke the vibes of the famous Tokyo underground. Our traditional and reimagined FIVE ELEMENTS cocktails, as well as our sake made according to ancient traditions, will make the atmosphere truly unforgettable. And since we know that time flies fast when one’s in a good mood, we have extended our closing hours until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays as well!


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food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Ajánljuk kipróbálni! Egzotikus kulináris utazás a belváros szívében.
Kiss Sándor - Monday 17/06/2024


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Kiváló menüsor és kedves kiszolgálás.
Kornél Kiss - Monday 17/06/2024


food: 4 service: 2 ambience: 4
DiningCity menűre mentünk, pont azért hogy belekostoljunk a távolkelet ízeibe, de sajmos sem az elő ételnél, sem a főételnél az étel asztalhoz szállító nem mondott semmit. Viszont az a pincér kollega aki a desszertet hozta elmondta mit fogunk enni, beszélt az ételről. Köszönjük. 👍 A menű finom volt😀
Tamás Pásztor - Monday 17/06/2024


food: 4 service: 5 ambience: 4
Novák Pé - Monday 17/06/2024


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Ha a rámpával szemben nem lenne asztal, akkor akadálymentes is lehetne.
Nagy Ferenc László - Sunday 16/06/2024


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat a nyári étterem hetek keretében a Costes Izakayaban, nagyon ötletes volt a sharing koncepció. A ramen ízlett mindkettőnknek a legjobban. Kóstoltuk a koktélokat is, az alkoholos és az alkoholmentes is finom volt.
Péter - Sunday 16/06/2024