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IKON Restaurant (Debrecen) - hungarian, international food

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IKON Restaurant (Debrecen)

4025 Debrecen, Piac utca 23.

IKON Restaurant (Debrecen)
Piac utca 23. , 4025 Debrecen

In the centre of Debrecen, only 2 minutes from the Great Church, with its quality dishes and seasonal offers, restaurant IKON awaits its guests.

We have concentrated flavours from the countryside on our inner-city menu, whose home-style cuisine is based on the quality of the ingredients, simplicity, unfussiness and seasonality.
To prepare our food we first and foremost use the dedicated, local, small-scale producers who provide us with farm chickens, “Mangalica” pigs, Charolais beef and fresh vegetables.
Our younger guests are also thought of: a children’s menu is available. And while waiting, they are provided with coloured pencils and colouring books. In our artisan kitchen we bake fresh bread every day, make the dough with home-produced eggs and use our own herbs; by avoiding off-the-shelf products we bake with as much goodness as we possibly can. The IKON is synonymous with Debrecen, with pure basic ingredients and respect for our guests.
Our home-produced ingredients are: stock soups, jams, pickles, fresh home-made bread and pasta, home-made syrups, our own herbs and spices, home-cured ham and sausages, soft sweets.
Take your seat in the kitchen!

The unique feature of the worktable used by our team of six chefs is that it offers an open window onto what’s going on in the kitchen, how the newly arrived orders are prepared and the lively communication that accompanies them. While the food is progressing, our chef shares his secrets with you; how to prepare that particular dish, how to get hold of the basic ingredients, and how to do it at home as well. Our desserts are only prepared from quality, home-made ingredients, and we give pride of place to simplicity and good taste, followed by a playful creativity, recreating old-style desserts in a fresh, new form.

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food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Profi kiszolgálás ,kitűnő ételek a leves fantasztikusan finom volt visszatérünk köszönjük
Judit - Sunday 23/02/2020


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Kitűnő volt a hely hangulata, a kiszolgálás minősége, gyorsaság előtt is le a kalappal. Az ételek nagyon finomak voltak.
Gábor - Thursday 07/11/2019

"Kulinalis utazas"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Izharmonia, minoseg.
Balint Zoltan - Monday 14/10/2019


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
A kiszolgálás nagyon kedves, előzékeny, az ételek finomak, a hangulat jó volt.
Románné Zsóka - Monday 14/10/2019


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Fantasztikus volt.
- - Sunday 13/10/2019

"Ha október, akkor IKON"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Immár negyedik alkalommal vettünk részt a DiningCity éttermi hét rendezvényen. Az IKON-ban a kitűnő kiszolgálás, fantasztikus ízek, színek, formák, textúrák újra elkápráztattak. Köszönjük szépen!
Polgár Lajos - Sunday 13/10/2019