Restaurant Macok Bistro (Eger) in Eger

Restaurant Macok Bistro (Eger) - hungarian, international food

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Restaurant Macok Bistro (Eger)

3300 Eger, Tinódi Sebestyén tér 4.

Macok Bistro (Eger)
Tinódi Sebestyén tér 4. , 3300 Eger

In the centre of the city of Eger, in “Imola Udvarház”, restaurant Macok Bistro awaits its guests with its modern Hungarian cuisine.

Good for me if it's good for you.
The Macok Bistro is the 8th best countryside restaurant in Hungary according to the Dining Guide.
...this is a playfully elegant bistro which provide gastronomical experience, where the local area's ingredients appear not only on the plates.
We looked up the the area's best producers when we chose the commodities. They are providing us first class materials like the trout from Szilvásvárad or the cheese from the Bükk, which was becoming part of our corporate identity. We like to call up the traditional, old-fashioned tastes, however we rethink the courses’ appearance.
At the restaurant, there is Peti's Wineshop where you can find special wines from the most famous Hungarian vineyards. You can reach them in small quantity at shop prices, in Eger only at us.
The Macok is a lovable place where generations may enjoy together the food and wines like they are at home, moreover, a business meeting can going by in an informal atmosphere here.
There is a menu and little toys for children, thus the parents can relax at us.
Our cozy patio is a famous meeting place for groups of friends and tourists also.
We are welcome those who would like to eat delicious foods at Eger, and after that talking even with us on the couch stretched out while sipping some wine.

We are welcome our Guests in the Imola Udvarház Dessert Hotel with gastro experiences and sweet dreams next to the Castle, in the middle of the historical city. Our rooms have a magnificent view to the city and the Castle.
Macok Bistro and Winebar and the brumbrum, eventually a buffet are member of the ’SVÉT’, the Macok is the 8th, the brumbrum is the 17th best countryside restaurants according to the Dining Guide.
Our other restaurant, brumbrum, eventually a buffet, is a lovely and homey place where we can taste foods and drinks, watch sport events. We offer simple, regional foods which prepare in an open kitchen. There are wide range of drinks, special coffees and breakfast on weekends.
We can take family or business occasions at the Macok Bistro until 70 people, at the brumbrum until 50 people, even as a private event.

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"Kellemes hely"

food: 4 service: 4 ambience: 4
Az ételek finomak voltak, kicsit a kacsacombnak volt egy kis mellékíze a csont közelében. A madártejben nekem nem jött be a habcsók, szívesebben ettem volna puha tojáshabból készült betétet. Összességében ízletes volt a menü. Sajnáltam, hogy a végén a pincér nem kérdezte meg, hogy kérünk-e még valamit, esetleg kávét. Várakoztunk, hátha odajön, s inkább úgy döntöttünk, hogy inkább fizetünk, és megyünk. Lehet csak egyszeri figyelmetlenség volt, mert egyébként nagyon kedvesek voltak.
Szabóné Oláh Éva - Monday 19/10/2020


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Minden az elvárásaink szerint alakult.
Veres Pál - Friday 16/10/2020


food: 5 service: 4 ambience: 5
Nagyon, nagyon jó volt
Váczi Tamás - Friday 16/10/2020


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Kellemes hely, az ételek kifogástalanok voltak, életem legjobb kacsacombjàt ettem itt :) A legjobb választás volt a Macok!
Fartel Beatrix - Friday 16/10/2020

"Megyünk máskor is"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Kedves, udvarias kiszolgálás, jó humorú kollégák. Ízletes, innovatív ételek, ízléses tálalással. Kellemes környezet.
Ofella Ildikó - Thursday 15/10/2020


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Igényes hely, profi személyzet, kiváló konyha!
Forgó László - Tuesday 10/03/2020