Polgár Cellary Restaurant (Villány) in Villány

Polgár Cellary Restaurant (Villány) - hungarian, international food

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Polgár Cellary Restaurant (Villány)

7773 Villány, Hunyadi János utca 19.

Polgár Cellary Restaurant (Villány)
Hunyadi János utca 19. , 7773 Villány

In Villány, restaurant-winery Polgár awaits is guests with quality Hungarian & international cuisine and wine collection.

Our restaurant prefers using excellent local Hungarian commodities. We present our foods in rustic dishes, and during preparations we always pay attention to seasonality and local traditions. Naturally, our meals are accompanied by classic and premium wines. Here, at Polgár Winery the atmosphere is friendly and the mood is cosy.
Our guests have the opportunity to taste the famous Hungarian “rich” breakfast, which contains only home-made and organic ingredients: smoked “stifolder” salami, sausage, bacon, gammon, eggs, jam, honey, cheese, yogurt, bread, just to name a few.

From Monday to Thursday our restaurant offers menus to both individual guest and group bookings. On Fridays and Saturdays, as well as in Sunday noon-time our guests can expect a revised menu based on actualities and fresh ingredients to please lovers of gourmet food and wines!

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food: 3 service: 1 ambience: 2
We made a dinner reservation via Dining City for 2 people with wine tasting, and it was supposed to be our romantic dinner while spending a lovely weekend in Villany. Very first impression was extremely positive, when we got a call from Mr. Polgar who personally checked our reservation and confirmed the wine tasting. Upon arrival, it however started to turn all wrong. They could not find the reservation as they could not re-type the name correctly. No one could speak English. So they brought a bottle of the white wine (average wine) and showing etiquette, not being able to say anything about the wine, put the wine in a glass and left with the bottle again. We have realized that it looks like a "Swedish table"-like dinner, but not sure if it is just for someone, so we kept sitting and waiting. After some time, one of the waiters took us to soups and pour one. So we realized it is not served dinner, but rather "half-board" for accommodated guests. Definitely not what we expected. Then we took a bit to taste of the rather small selection of the main dish, and the rose wine ended in our glasses, as we brought a bit of a duck meat and cabbage. The food was rather cold, meat dried out, and rather old-style kind of cuisine. As the wine did not fit the food at all, we set the glass aside and waited what will come next. And nothing happened, so we decided to go for extra and try a bit of what looked like a goulash, when suddenly a terrible water-pudding-like "desert" in a glass was vigorously put in front of us, signaling "its over" and go. So we with a huge disappointment we did not touch anything anymore, asked for a bill, and got a surprise again. For a "Dinner for 2 with wine tasting" we paid for all of "this" 11,500 HUF. So we left hungry and went to Gere Restaurant to finally have some good quality food and wine selection.
Dissapointed Customer - Wednesday 07/12/2016


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Minden nagyszerű volt!
Horváth Dániel - Monday 23/03/2015

"Csütörtöki vacsora"

food: 4 service: 5 ambience: 4
Nagyon elégedettek voltunk a személyzet hozzáértésével, meggyôzô borkínálatukkal.
Homoky Zoltan - Friday 20/03/2015


food: 4 service: 5 ambience: 4
Közvetlen, barátságos kiszolgálás, kerek ízek. Klasszikus pince hangulat.
Ocsovai Gabor - Tuesday 17/03/2015