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St. Martin's Days - From 1st to 30th November. Valid until 30 November 2022

ST. MARTIN'S DAYS - Visit our restaurant in this month and taste our delicious goose courses!

Our Chef's offer:
- Goose broth with matzo dumpling and vegetable 1690 HUF
- Pumpkin cream soup with salmon, beetroot and pumpkin seed oil 1890 HUF
- Large marrow bones with sour dough toast 2990 HUF
- Goose leg with cabbage noodles 7990 HUF
- Cholet with goose wing 3990 HUF
- Goose gizzard with egg barley 3990 HUF
- Veal cutlet with sour vegetable cream sauce and dumplings 5390 HUF
- Grilled chicken breast with egg rice and lemon and garlic sauce 4590 HUF
- Traditional chocolate dessert with sour cherry 1990 HUF

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Promontor Garden Restaurant

1221 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 28.

Promontor Garden Restaurant
Kossuth Lajos utca 28. , 1221 Budapest

We would like to make this small Budafok district even more intimate and summon the milieu of Buda’s taverns. Like Grinzing in Vienna’s surroundings, we would like to bring that experience of those taverns with garden to our local people. We do this so that this place be Budafok and to remain entirely Budafok.  Who would like to taste the meals of our kitchen and rinse it with a glass of local wine, definitely do a try!

We have found the best local butcher where we buy our daily fresh butcheries. We provide our vegetables and bakeries also from local places. We order cheeses from a Budafok-related company. As a member of Etyek-Buda wine region, we have selected the best wines of the local wineries to our wine list after tasting every variety. Respected the tradition of sparkling wines of Budafok, we have selected the sparkling wine of the house and its whole collection. The interior of the restaurant is also designed to be friendly and cozy and it is well suited to the characteristics of the building.

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(87 értékelés)







"Hangulatos vacsora"

food: 3 service: 5 ambience: 5
Udvarias, kedves kiszolgálás. Hangulatos berendezés. Az ételek finomak voltak. Szívesen megyünk máskor is.
Mikulán Rita - Wednesday 09/11/2022

"Kiváló ételek és szervíz, családias hangulat"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Kellemes hangulat, családias légkör, pluszpont az animátor miatt. Gyors volt a kiszolgálás, az ételek finomak voltak.
D D - Monday 07/11/2022

"Elégedettek voltunk "

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Finom, bőséges ételek, kedves, gyors felszolgálás.
Nagyné Végh Ágnes - Sunday 06/11/2022

"BUdafok Hajrá Promontor"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Jól kitalált menű sor , nagyon jól volt elkészítve idén sem csalódtunk :)
BARTUS MÓNIKA - Friday 14/10/2022

"Tökéletes "

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Nagyon finom ételek, nagyszerű és gyors kiszolgálás, kedves pincérek
Angyal Réka - Friday 14/10/2022


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Kedves figyelmes kiszolgálás, finom ételek! Szívből ajánlom mindenkinek!
Csillag Barbara - Friday 14/10/2022