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Sunday Brunch - On every Sunday from 11:30 to 15pm. 9 800 HUF Valid until 3 June 2018

SUNDAY BRUNCH - Welcome drink, live music, unlimited consumption of delicious dishes and beverages!

According to our traditions, we await our guest for the Gundel brunch which is light but absolutely delicious in all details! You will enjoy it whether you are a lover of roasted meats or of substantial vegetable dishes. We renew our offer every week, nevertheless some “flag-beraer” should remain in the menu: cream soups, famous courses of the traditional Hungarian cuisine and the memorable desserts of the Gundel House.

At your arrival we welcome you with a champagne or an orange juice. All you can eat buffet. Live piano music.

- Rich cream - and meat soup with salted cake
- Mellow pickled duck and pullet with diffrent variations of potatoes
- Ham hock, stewed beef and tenderloin with delicious sauces
- Whole-roasted rack of lamb
- Caesar salad
Dishes from fish
- Pickled / roasted fish dishes
Dishes without meat
- Lasagne
- Potato-variations
- Dumplings
- Pickled / roasted vegetables
- Light sauces
Home made patés
- Fresh salad
- Cheese-, corn-, potato- and meat salads
Home-made pickles

Delicious family buffet lunch every Sunday between 11:30-15:00.

All you can eat buffet: 9.800 HUF/person
For children until age 12: 4.900 HUF/person
For children until age 4: Free
All food and beverage are subject to a 12,5 p.c. service charge.

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Gundel Restaurant

Gundel Restaurant
Gundel Károly út 4. , 1146 Budapest

Next to the Budapest Zoo, the most well-known restaurant in Hungary, Gundel awaits its guests with top quality traditional Hungarian & international cuisine.

Gundel is arguably the only restaurant in Budapest with an international reputation, established in 1894.

Wherever in the world Hungarian gastronomy is mentioned, the name “Gundel” has a familiar ring for everyone. It’s not only gourmets who seek out this famed Budapest restaurant with enthusiasm, but also those working in the profession.
The secret lies mainly in the carefully selected ingredients and partly in Gundel’s own recipes, created with a sophisticated taste.

The lovely and world famous Gundel Restaurant in the City Park offers you a wonderful amalgam of traditional Hungarian cuisine and refined international grande cuisine, a good selection of wines and live gypsy music by night.
Gundel boasts an extensive menu, including the famous walnut-stuffed Gundel palacsinta (pancake), and the authentic Hungarian goose liver.
Meals are often accompanied by music from a Hungarian Gypsy band. The famously fragrant “Tokaj Aszu Eszencia” dessert wine is available here.
As well as its main fine dining restaurant and bar, Gundel has exquisite fin de siecle meeting, banqueting, garden and ballrooms for galas, lunches and dinners.

Elegance, Quality and Smoked Goose Liver
Today the name Gundel is closely associated with goose liver, a speciality of Hungary, hence a whole page on the restaurant’s menu is devoted to this delicacy – including such classic dishes as cold goose liver baked in its own fat and served in a jar, goose liver torte, and grilled goose liver with warm shallot salad and saffron flavoured brioche. The speciality of the house is goose liver smoked in Gundel’s kitchen and served with wine-dipped apples on an elegant Zsolnay plate. The trio and quartet selections made from goose liver are, of course, Gundel’s most popular creations.

What is the style of foods that are served today at the Gundel? The following analysis – supported by a few examples – will serve as an explanation.
Amuse-bouche (one bite to be served with the apéritif)
Gundel Classics (Gundel Salad; “Fogash” Filet with Dill-flavoured Crayfish Ragout; “Palóc” Soup – János Gundel’s variation of the “Gulyás” theme; Goose Liver Torte; Beefsteak “Tokány” (pepper pot) Gundel Style; Gundel Pancake.)
Great dishes from the past (Cabbage Baked with Catfish and Fish Sausage - Recipe from the 18th century)
Traditional Hungarian dishes (Goose Liver baked with Onions, served in its Fat; Gundel Fisherman's Soup; Catfish “Paprikash” and home-made Ravioli filled with Cottage Cheese.)
Regional dishes of Hungary (Smoked Trout of Lohina with fresh Herbs,
Lamb Chop and Egg Casserole in Transylvanian Style; “Marika’s” Semolina Torte).
Specialties of the Chef and his team (Ewe Cheese Strudel with Truffle-scented Honey; Caramelised Onion Tart with Rocket salad and Pumpkin Seed Oil; Breaded Beef Cheek with Garlic-flavoured whipped Potato and Horseradish Sauce; Flaming Gundel Steam Dumplings; Harmony of White Chocolate and Williams Pear.)
A luncheon or dinner of light cuisine-kind (Roasted Green Pepper Soup; Grilled Asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise; Pink Grapes and Lime Sorbet.)

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"Anyák napja"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Nagyon jól éreztem magam. Mindenki nagyon figyelmes, kedves volt. A megkóstolt ételek finomak voltak. Köszönöm!


food: 4 service: 5 ambience: 5
Koromnál fogva sok étteremben jártam már. S annak ellenére, hogy nagy teremben voltunk, mégis olyan családias hangulat érződött.Az ételsorok közül az előételeket emelném ki azokkal a különleges pasztákkal, falatkákkal. A burgonyasaláta rendkívülien ízlett és nem tudtam megfejteni a receptjét, pedig itthon is készítenék ilyent.Mivel ünnepeltünk, így úgy éreztük tökéletesre sikerült a napunk.Köszönet.


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Színvonalas minden téren.

"klasszikus elegancia"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Gyönyörű hely, finom fogások és fantasztikus vendéglátás.

"Klasszikus elegancia"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Minden (minden!) kifogástalan. Az ételek, a kiszolgálás, a környezet, a hangulat!

"A must place to dine"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
The food and service was excellent. The muse bouche of goose liver which I don't eat but tasted was amazing. There was music playing while dining. It was the icing on the cake for this wonderful experience