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Gundel Restaurant

1146 Budapest, Gundel Károly út 4.

Gundel Restaurant
Gundel Károly út 4. , 1146 Budapest

16th March, 2020

Gundel has always been and always will be! Due to the current situation, from this day forward we will close temporarily.

During the 125-year history of the legendary Gundel, there have been several other occasions where the restaurant has had to close, for example, in 1944 during WWII, from 1972-1980 during a lengthy renovation, and from 1991-1992 during a complete rebuilding.

After a planned or required closure, Gundel has always returned stronger, reopening its gates, ready to face new challenges.

To protect the health of our guests and the safety of our colleagues we must close, and we hope that after a short transition period we can meet  once again!

The legend is forever. #thisisgundel

For more information:

Angelus Barbara
director of marketing and communications

Tel.: +36309507815


Next to the Budapest Zoo, the most well-known restaurant in Hungary, Gundel awaits its guests with top quality traditional Hungarian & international cuisine.


Tradition and evolution at Gundel Restaurant
Gundel restaurant’s executive chef, Zsolt Litauszki, who has been instrumental in the success of many restaurants during his career, joined the legendary restaurant in City Park because he believes in upholding tradition while also breathing new life into Gundel.
In creating the new menu for the 125-year-old restaurant, Chef Litauszki’s goal was to retain the traditional offerings while also keeping up with twenty-first century trends. Since the beginning, the menu has featured customer favorites, such as the classic goose liver and Gundel crepe, and international guests’ most-requested goulash soup and fisherman’s soup. You can still find all of these among the menu offerings as well as other classic dishes from the past.
Chef Litauszki’s cuisine is characterized by freshness and seasonality, the reason for which he frequently updates the menu. He is also an advocate for using local ingredients from within Hungary, adding such specialties to the menu as goat cheese from Őrség, mangalitza, quail, and goose liver from Orosháza.
A meal at Gundel can make an ordinary day feel like a holiday. You can look forward to a combination of creative culinary highlights and exceptional service, complete with the sounds of a live gypsy band led by Alex Berky.
Welcome to the rejuvenated Gundel restaurant.

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"Kellemes meglepetés"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Asztalfoglalásunk során nem kaptunk információt arról, hogy vasárnap 14.00 óráig nincs a la carte rendelés. A pezsgős menű azonban minden igényünket kielégítette. Mindenkinek ajánljuk!
Mikulán Rita - Tuesday 19/11/2019

"Anyák napja"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Nagyon jól éreztem magam. Mindenki nagyon figyelmes, kedves volt. A megkóstolt ételek finomak voltak. Köszönöm!
Saci - Monday 07/05/2018


food: 4 service: 5 ambience: 5
Koromnál fogva sok étteremben jártam már. S annak ellenére, hogy nagy teremben voltunk, mégis olyan családias hangulat érződött.Az ételsorok közül az előételeket emelném ki azokkal a különleges pasztákkal, falatkákkal. A burgonyasaláta rendkívülien ízlett és nem tudtam megfejteni a receptjét, pedig itthon is készítenék ilyent.Mivel ünnepeltünk, így úgy éreztük tökéletesre sikerült a napunk.Köszönet.
Farkas Zsuzsanna - Monday 30/04/2018


food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Színvonalas minden téren.
Schlosser Ágnes - Friday 02/02/2018

"klasszikus elegancia"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Gyönyörű hely, finom fogások és fantasztikus vendéglátás.
Kiss Imola - Thursday 28/12/2017

"Klasszikus elegancia"

food: 5 service: 5 ambience: 5
Minden (minden!) kifogástalan. Az ételek, a kiszolgálás, a környezet, a hangulat!
Tóth Gergely - Tuesday 26/12/2017